My Cycling Year – 2011

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Picture in Cycling Active Magazine

I don’t know if it just seems that way but 2011 certainly felt like a very wet and windy year, certainly compared to 2010.  I can’t recall getting soaked very often at all in 2010 but it seems it was every other week this year, especially in the last few weeks of December where I managed to rack up 381 miles.  That said it’s been a good year overall for pushing on and ticking off some of my goals.  Here’s a summary of my year

  •  6,724 miles completed in 18d 10hrs 10m at an average speed of 15.2mph
  • 290,260ft of ascent, or approximately 10 times Mount Everest
  • 320,839 kcalories used, or the equivalent of 92lbs of fat (so why am I still fat!?)
  • Rode through the night and in a foreign country for the first time
  • I could say I got my picture in a cycling magazine (see above) but the reality is that a picture I was in appeared in a cycling magazine
  • I managed 15 imperial centuries during the year and rode in sportives, audaxes, time-trials, a hill climb and charity rides
  • Rode 4,633 miles on my Boardman, 2,058 miles single-speed fixed on my Langster and 32 miles on my new Canyon summer bike
  • Suffered 7 punctures during the year and went through several sets of tyres, including Michelin Krylion Carbon, Schwalbe Ultremo DD and Bontrager Hardcase
Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Mileage by month


Ade's Road Cycling Blog

In July I cycled from London to Brussels in 24 hours in aid of The British Heart Foundation, personally raising £2,028 and being part of a group that raised nearly £40,000 for vital research into heart disease.  This was my longest single ride, some 240 miles with no sleep, and we managed to make it with just 15 minutes to spare.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Grand Place, Brussels


This year I took a decision to mostly ignore sportives, and only did 7 that generally supported charities.  Of particular note (again) were the Kidscan Peak 100 and Macc Monster rides for their great organisation and value for money.  Particularly challenging ones were the Ryedale Rumble and the Wrynose or Bust rides.  However, perhaps the one I enjoyed most was the Spring into the Highlands sportive organised by West Lothian Clarion as part of the National Clarion Easter Meet.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog


I’m not really into time-trials but I managed to take part in 8 Kilton 8.75m TT’s organised by the Seamons club.  My personal best was 22m 13s for the course but it’s safe to say that I didn’t really get hooked and won’t be buying a TT bike, skin suit or pointy hat!  I also did my first hill-climb, organised by Bury Clarion, which was thoroughly enjoyable, if not absolutely lung-bursting!


Ade's Road Cycling BlogAde's Road Cycling Blog

Most of my focus this year has been on audax.  I completed 20 of them, including 9 200k’s and my first 300k.  In doing so I accumulated 31.25 AAA points (1AAA point = 1000metres verified ascent), which meant I got the AAA award for 20 AAA points in a season, in addition to Brevet 1000 and Randonneur 1000 awards.  As I have written extensively over the year I thoroughly recommend audaxes for their friendliness, value and variety of route and challenge.  Special thanks go to all the organisers of audaxes for putting in loads of time and effort for nothing in return – it is very much appreciated.


Ade's Road Cycling Blog

There were a couple of notable events this year relating to the National Clarion in 2011.  The first was the 116th Easter Meet in Stirling, organised by West Lothian Clarion.  Together with Giles, Sarah, Martin and Dave from North Cheshire Clarion we rode up to Scotland in 3 days, covering 263 miles and winning a trophy for furthest distance cycled to the event.  Sarah also came away with Clubwoman of the Year 2011 to make it a very successful event!  Superbly organised by West Lothian, it made for a very enjoyable Easter.  The second Clarion related highlight was recreating a famous photograph in Lymm from 1929.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Lymm 2011


Finally, there’s this blog.  I mostly do this as a record of my cycling that I can look back on, and in the hope that it may be vaguely interesting or contain useful information for fellow cyclists.  In 2011 I’ve had 12,972 visits which I’m quite pleased with.


Most of all I’d like to thank the people I rode with during the year who helped make it enjoyable and fun.  They are no oil paintings but here’s a few of them below

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Ade's Road Cycling Blog


Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Good company

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

I have been asked to point out that this is not the only thing Anthony is good at

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Arriving at Stirling

Anthony, Andy and Andrew at the second cafe

I hope 2011 was as rewarding for you, and here’s to a great 2012.

One comment

  1. Phil Jones @roadphil · December 30, 2011

    Awesome stats Ade and a brilliant year in the saddle. Here’s to 2012.


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