Cheshire Safari Audax

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Sunday 13th November and the North Cheshire Clarion descended en masse to a village hall in Cheadle to take part in the Cheshire Safari 100m audax.  It was a  pretty flat course so Graeme and I got on the front and tapped out a decent pace, and kept it up pretty much for the first 50 miles.  The first stop was for 2 minutes at 11am to pay our respects to fallen heroes.  The second came at the Eureka cyclists cafe, which we realised we were close to when Anthony (Dec) and Phil (Onix 1) suddenly appeared at the front of the peloton.  Eggs and beans on toast and a few laughs, mostly at the twins expense, saw us suitably replenished and ready for the off back into a bit of a nagging headwind.  I wonder who actually did order that brown toast?

It was a bit of a struggle into the headwind and invariably the pace dropped off a bit.  A few minor mechanicals at the back of Chester Zoo didn’t stop us as we made the most of the autumn late afternoon sunshine.  A couple were showing signs of struggling including Onix 2 (Martina), who had not been on his bike for a while, electing recently to stay inside and polish it a lot.  A bit of cake and a game of fetch with a dog at the second cafe stop soon rectified matters, and we had an uneventful final quarter ride back to the HQ – if you exclude the near-death experience and subsequent cycle-rage.

Great effort overall by everyone – ride stats courtesy of Onix 1 as my Garmin froze a couple of miles out

Ride stats : 101.3 miles in 6hrs 11m @ 16.4mph, 3200ft ascent (approx).  My average HR of 146bpm shows just what a lazy bugger Onix 2 was with 130bpm

Read more about the ride at this exciting new blog here!



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