October Round-up

I’ve rounded October off with a couple of nice rides in the crisp Autumn sunshine.  Last Friday I did 47 miles on my fixie round a very flat Cheshire route with Phil, which was interesting in as much as it’s the furthest I’ve ever been on my single-speed.  Today I did the North Cheshire Club run which was a pleasant ride north to the Delph Dive Centre cafe and back.

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524 miles in October

Overall I’ve done a couple of audaxes and a sportive in October so as the weather starts to worsen I’m pretty happy with a total of 524 miles.  That equates to 1 day and 11 hours of riding, and an energy usage of nearly 26,000 kcalories.

That all brings my total mileage for the year to 6,035 miles, and since I started riding properly again and logging my rides (in 2009) I’ve now done 13,695 miles.  My poor Boardman has taken the brunt of this with nearly 9,000 miles “on the clock”  It’s now been relegated to winter bike!

I expect my mileage in November and December to tail off as the weather worsens and I ease back a bit – ready to start training properly in January.  Have got a couple of exciting things planned for 2012 so I will be making a concerted effort to drop weight (fat) and increase power in the new year.

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  1. Alan M · October 31, 2011

    you play call of duty for longer than that


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