Season of Mist 2011 Audax

A week of mediterranean temperatures and we were expecting more of the same on Chris Crossland’s Season of Mist audax.  However the weather had other ideas and much like last year it ended up pretty damp for most of the ride.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

7535ft climb

It’s a hilly ride with a bit of everything – long and draggy climbs, and short, sharp gradients.  The downhills were pretty difficult too because of the wet conditions, as Anthony was to find out.

I was riding with Anthony, Martin and Martin(a) and we had a smashing day with lots of laughing.  Funniest moment was Martina spotting a car about two hundred yards away and bellowing “CAR!” at the top of his voice next to Anthony, who nearly fell off with the shock (Martin and I nearly fell off laughing).

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

And lunge 2, 3, 4...

At the top of Nick o’ Pendle Martina was struggling with his back so decided to do some exercises.  First he lay on the floor and then started stretching.  Possibly one of the most bizarre sights passing cars saw today.

Down the other side of the Nick I lost yet another rear light as it flew off at speed and smashed down the road.

Felt pretty good today and was climbing well, as were the others, but as I said the wet conditions made life hard – both uphill with spinning rear wheels, and downhill as Anthony found out – losing his front wheel and ending up with a nasty case of road-rash, as well as a smashed pedal.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

An enjoyable day overall – I felt pretty good at the end – not overly tired and my legs felt good.  The usual fantastic Chris Crossland hospitality was waiting at the end – thanks Chris!

Ride stats : 63.65 miles in 5hrs 19m at 12mph average.  7535ft of climbing, average HR 132bpm and 3788kcals energy used



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