Goyt Peak Perm Audax

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

I was going to do this ride on August bank holiday Monday but abandoned after 5 miles because I was sick.  Thank goodness I did, because this was an absolute beast of a ride.  I didn’t realise it was 3 AAA points and the Garmin reported it was 8530ft of climbing in just 68 miles!  Some of these climbs were just brutal – steep and not particularly short, especially the ones at the end on Gorsey Brow and Apple Street.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

8530ft of climbing

Looking above 21 sections of climbing above 10% gradient, 6 above 15% and 1 above 25%!

A stiff headwind made any section riding south difficult and there was a very obvious autumnal feel to the day.

I underestimated this ride today thinking I’d be finished fairly quickly and now my legs are wrecked – just in time for the North Cheshire Clarion Audax tomorrow!

Ride stats : 68.5miles in 5hrs 28m @ 12.5mph average.  8530ft of climbing, average HR of 150bpm and 4801kcals of energy used

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