“Who Brought the Budgie?” – 3 Loops Audax



Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Another Sunday and another early start for a 200k audax.  This was one of John Perrin’s rides which meant that he opened his house to a bunch of audaxers and provided his usual fantastic hospitality – hot drinks, toast, croissants and pain au chocolat for breakfast.  Graeme, Anthony and I set off, heading west and directly into a headwind that was gusting quite strongly.  The route took us out the Ice Cream Farm at Tarporley and then did 2 loops from there, one north and one south.  The final loop was completed by the ride back to John’s at Macclesfield.

Despite the headwind we made really quick progress, riding the relatively flat course pretty quickly.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

4193ft ascent

The stops at the Ice Cream Farm were pretty welcome to rest and refuel and it also broke the ride into easy chunks.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

The wind was great when behind but painful when riding into it.  Anthony had his aero wheel on due to mechanical problems with his other wheel, so sidewinds were “entertaining”.  The last haul back to Macclesfield was pretty tiring being mostly uphill, and involved several bits of offroad riding!  Anthony got a slow puncture that needed changing, and bizarrely when I got home I found my rear tyre had also gone flat.

Overall a good ride – we had a great laugh and it was nice not to have any hills of note!  And we beat 8hrs!

Ride stats : 132 miles in 7hrs 59m @ 16.4mph average.  4193ft of climbing, average HR 140bpm, 6217kcals energy used



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