Northern Dales 202km Audax



Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

8287ft of climbing

Another early Sunday morning start from a chilly youth hostel in Arnside, another audax.  Signing in we were faced with paying £1.25 for a cup of coffee and £1.25 for a croissant from the YH.  My croissant was that hard that when I broke a piece off it instantly shattered into a thousand tiny crumbs.  Second time this year I’ve been ripped off by the YHA – you can guess I’m not a fan.

As I mentioned the day started chilly but overall we were very lucky with the weather.  The sun came out during the day, it didn’t rain and there was no significant wind to speak of.

The climbs were long and draggy rather than sharp and I guess over time they slowly sapped the strength.  Fairly early on into the day Anthony got a puncture.  As he changed the tyre I noticed that my tyre had two pieces of flint – sizeable slivers – embedded in the rubber.  Stupidly I decided not to try to pick them out – something that, of course, I regretted some time later.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

The face of regret...

We made decent enough time to Hawes where we stopped at what is becoming a favourite café for beans on toast – Chaste.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

We then carried on to Leyburn before making a big turn north-west to take a very long and slow climb up to the top of Tan Hill – the 3rd time we’ve been up there.  Thankfully this time it wasn’t full of motorcyclists storming noisily up and down the lanes, and the Inn itself was relatively quiet.  We found some other audaxers having a pint which I think was optimistic at best!  We then had a fantastic descent through Kirby Stephen and down to Sedbergh and then Kirby Lonsdale, before retracing our steps back to Arnside.  Another £3 for some lentil soup from the YH saw the end of a very long day, and one that started and finished very cold.

Ride Stats : 125 miles in 8hrs 40m @ 14.4mph average speed.  8287ft climbing, average HR 135bpm, 6396kcals energy used


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