Perm into the Dales

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Last year I rode my first audax – Spring into the Dales.  It was a great day and really got me interested in the whole audax experience.  Unfortunately this year I was unable to ride it because I’d already committed to riding the Wrynose or Bust sportive.  So I was pleased to learn that the ride could be done as a “permanent”  A perm can be ridden at any time, so I entered and received my brevet and route instructions from Chris Crossland, and then simply rode it today on my own.

I dressed for the weather forecast – warmish clothes and expecting rain.  As it was it was really nice, with a brisk breeze, and no rain.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

6432ft of climbing

The route climbs out of Hebden Bridge for several miles and then after a terrific descent takes a few rollercoaster hills before flattening for a while.  I ate at the fantastic Daleman café in Cargrave and then looped back via Keighley before climbing the first big descent and dropping down into Hebden Bridge via the original climb out.

Really enjoyed the ride and another 2.25AAA points towards my total for the year.

Ride stats: 69 miles in 4hrs 53m @ 14.1mph.  6432ft of climbing, average HR 147bpm and 4133kcals energy used


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