First Ever Hill Climb


Ade's Road Cycling BlogTonight I rode just up the road from me to Ramsbottom to take part in Bury Clarion’s “Try it” hill climb.  There were riders from Bury Clarion, Bolton Clarion and of course, fellow North Cheshire Clarion riders – Dave, Adam, Steve and Paul cheering us on.

The course is probably just shy of a kilometre up Lumb Carr Road, and conditions were favourable – no rain and a tailwind.

Having never done a hill climb I had no idea what to expect, or what to do frankly.  Adam was riding single-speed and whilst that struck me as nuts, in a way it took away the uncertainty of what gear to start off in!

Anyway when I started I realised I was in the wrong gear and crunched through a couple accelerating rapidly.  Too rapidly.  I went off far too quickly and after about 400m or so I realised I was in trouble as I blew up big time!  Gasping for air, heart-rate at maximum and legs not really working I slowed alarmingly.  Not quite getting a second wind as I approached the finish line, I limped over, in part

Ade;s Road Cycling Bloga victim of my own over-exuberance and inexperience.

Adam did a great time of 2m 54s, I managed 2m 59s and Steve put in a good time with 3m 31s.  Dave (RoboDave!) put 40 seconds into me clocking 2m 19s.  To put that into context we’ve both clocked similar times on the Kilton TT this year.  In the space of less than a kilometre he caught two other riders and finished 3rd overall – a superb ride!

I did enjoy it though, especially the free chocolate at the end. Well done and thanks to Bury for organising it.



  1. Stephen Side · June 29, 2011

    Hi Ade
    Found your blog with links from the Macc Monster site which I am looking to do this year for a very good cause in the Kidscan childrens cancer charity, maybe I’ll see you there ?
    Re the Bury Clarion Hill climb this was also my first hill climb and first ever race starting 10 behind you and 3.8 secs at the finnish @ 3.03. I agree that the weather was in our favour and that it was a good evening for another good cause, it also had a good turnout compaired to previous years where I have just been a spectator as I live close by, I will be there again next year in the hope that I better 3 minutes with hopefully more participants including yourself to raise some cash for a local charity..
    Steve Side


    • Ade · June 29, 2011

      Hi Steve – I did the Macc Monster last year and the weather was really nice. The ride is pretty hilly but lovely countryside. The guys organising it did a great job and I’ve entered again so I may see you there. Enjoyed the hill climb and with hindsight pleased with my time, although I reckon I can take at least 10 seconds off that with a bit of sensible strategy, so I’ll aim to be there next year as well. Cheers


  2. Stephen Side · June 29, 2011

    Hi Ade – I’ll have to put some training in to try and beat you next year, however I don’t think that I’ll beat the time for my age which is 2:19.6 by Dave Mitchell this year. Anyway, all the best for your London – Brussels ride, have added to your sponsorship and I hope that you get a lot more before you finish. Steve


    • Ade · June 29, 2011

      Wow – thanks very much Steve – much appreciated! And Dave is just a robot!


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