May Summary

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Windy May!

So what happened to those lazy summer days we had in April!?  May has been a month of very poor weather, especially for cycling.  It’s been pretty much constantly windy, with gale force at times.  And the temperature this morning when I went out was a heady 8.9˚C.  And, surprise surprise, it was windy.  Of course, the upside of this is that riding into a headwind is great training, and when the weather calms you are a stronger rider for it.  Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I’ve done 3 big rides in May, in addition to some shorter ones and some time trials.  Mixing it up means it doesn’t get too dull.  I went the furthest I’ve ever been in one go on the Mayday in Montgomery audax, covering 308km (192 miles).  The wind on that ride nearly broke me but I learnt some good things about my mental strength as well as my physical limits.  The World’s End audax was slightly easier at 210km (132 miles) but again the wind played a part on that.  Finally, the Wheel Heroes sportive was 100 miles and yet again the wind made that harder than it needed to be.

Ade's Road Cycling BlogSo in total in May I’ve done 727 miles, which is slightly down on the 832 miles I did in April, but I’m still pleased with it.  One of the things I’m especially pleased with is that I think I’m getting stronger and faster.  The following graph shows my monthly average speeds this year.  It’s not exactly scientific to compare speeds like this given the type of rides and weather conditions play a big part – but I figure that over a month it does in fact level it out.

Ade's Road Cycling BlogI’m pleased with that progress as I think I will not only need the long distance endurance, but I will need to be able to do it at a higher tempo.

In total then I’ve done 3,149 miles so far this year.  If you’re interested in what that means in terms of energy – it’s 144,111 kcalories, or about 554 Mars Bars!

Even though I’ve reached the target set for sponsorship you can still sponsor me – it’s for a great cause in The British Heart Foundation.  Thanks.

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