London to Brussels – Routes are In!

Got sent details of the route we will be following.  The ride starts at noon on Friday 15th July in London, and finishes 24 hours later in Brussels.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

London to Dover - 90 miles

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Calais to Brussels - 155 miles

This is taken from the instructions we’ve been sent

Setting off from London, on Friday 15th July 2011, the peloton will head south through suburbia before joining the open roads of the Kent countryside. Re- fuelling at rest-stops along the way, the ride pauses in Dover for a hot meal before boarding the ferry to the continent.

Once on French soil, its straight through Calais and onto the open, clear roads that lead east towards Belgium. As the sun falls, lights and hi-vis are donned as the peloton pedals on into the night. Re-grouping south of Dunkerque in the early hours a hot meal is served before riders snatch a few hours shut-eye/rest.

Rising at twilight, the ride proceeds east at a pace on the quiet roads leading to- wards the Belgium capital. After a final re-group on the outskirts of Brussels the peloton rides triumphantly into the Grand Place arriving before 1300 (BST+1).

There are a few bumps in England but the ride in France and Belgium seems very flat indeed – which I may be thankful for by that time!

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Anyway, I’m still looking for sponsorship so if you haven’t yet then please click the link to the right.

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