April Road Cycling Roundup

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

North Cheshire Clarion en route to Stirling

Although we’re not quite at the end of April, I’m having a couple of days off before attempting a 309km audax on May 1st.  However, it’s been a busy month of road cycling culminating in riding up to Stirling with a few other hardy souls from North Cheshire Clarion.  It’s also been an important milestone for sponsorship as the total passed my target of £1200.  That’s not to say more wouldn’t be welcome because it all goes towards a great cause – The British Heart Foundation, the UK’s heart charity.

Anyway, during April I’ve done 3 sportives in the Peak 100, Wrynose or Bust and Gateway to the Highlands.  Plenty of hills in those and I got to tick off Wrynose from the 100 best climbs book.  Overall we’ve been very lucky with the weather, with it being warm or pleasant for most of the month.  I completed my first Kilton time-trial with a time of 23:01, and rounded the month off by taking 8 minutes off my PB for my 32 mile hilly training route.

So in total in April I’ve done 833 miles, climbing over 35,000ft and using over 36,000 kcalories of energy!  So in total in 2011 I have done 2,422 miles so far, and in just over 2 years since I started cycling again I’ve now done 10,082 miles!

Once again I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.  If you haven’t and wish to do so please follow the following link


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