Day 4 – No Cycling Today

No road cycling for me today! Last night we went for a celebratory Italian meal at a restaurant in Stirling, and putting the drug-addled idiot talking about stabbing his friend to one side, it was a very pleasant evening out. We also listened to a very interesting talk and tasted 3 malt whiskys from the Tullibardine distillery. To some it tasted like medicine but I enjoyed it, although I couldn’t taste any of then flavours the chap was describing. But then again I can’t with wine either, so says more about me I guess!

This morning I had a leisurely breakfast and then walked up to Stirling Castle. There I listened to a guided tour and wandered around the battlements and buildings in the now pouring rain. Even overcast and wet, the views are pretty good. If you haven’t been it’s well worth a visit, and nicely illustrates what a warlike bunch we British have been over the years!

Spent the rest of the afternoon lazing about, and of course the sun came out so I guess the castle views would have been spectacular, but you can’t be lucky with the weather all the time.

Buffet, raffle and Ceilidh Dance this evening and a sportive in the morning to look forward to.

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