Easter Meet Day 2 – Kendal to Moffat

My “ensuite” room at the Kendal YHA contained 2 sets of bunk beds. One set were so small that my feet hit the bottom so I ended up in the other set, bottom bunk. As I was knackered after a day’s road cycling I expected to sleep the deep sleep of the virtuous. As it was the beds had other ideas, creaking if I so much as breathed slightly deeply. So I was still quite tired at breakfast this morning, and so it seems was everyone other than Sarah, who must have got the “good” room.

My left knee has never bothered me before but it was hurting this morning. Hmmm, what’s good for a sore knee? I know – a ride up the Kirkstone Pass! Once again the weather was brilliant and even by 9-30am it was quite warm. I’d told a little white lie to the others about Kirkstone and hadn’t mentioned the 16% sections but everyone made it up. Dave went past near the peak with the faint but suspicious whirr of an electric motor if you ask me! We stopped at the top for a pictures and a chat with a guy on a lovely Mercian. Hilariously, whilst Martin was posing in the doorway of the Inn a tour coach pulled up in front of him, with the tourists all laughing, pointing and taking snaps of him!

The descent was fantastic winding its way down past Ullswater, which was like a millpond because the weather was so fantastic.

We passed through Greystoke, which the literary amongst you will recognise as the home of Tarzan’s father. Not, I might add, the home of He-Man, as Giles suggested. In a back lane we stumbled acroos a cyclists cafe which was effectively somebodies back garden, and it operated in a very homely fashion, and served very nice chocolate brownie. We also got onto a road that must have been 5 or 6 miles long and it was dead straight – probably a Roman Road, and we managed to blast down that at 20+mph, which was great fun.

What wasn’t great fun was getting through Carlisle – awful roads and too much traffic. That took us onto the equally unpleasant A7 with HGV’s hurtling past on a single lane at 60mph.

Lunch in Longtown was followed by a bit of a slog up to Gretna. Why anyone would want to get married there is beyond me.

Everyone was struggling by now with the cumulative effect and the heat, as we passed through Lockerbie and then a long drag out of Templand until we got to Moffat.

I’m very pleasantly surprised about the hotel we’re in. Own bathroom, non-squeaky bed, TV and free wifi, and cheaper than the rip-off YHA. Last leg tomorrow so want a decent nights sleep.

Garmin stats: 96.6miles in 6hrs 25mins @ 15mph average. Total ascent 4841ft, 5876 calories used, average HR 120bpm. Max speed 41.4mph


  1. Adam · April 22, 2011

    Fantastic effort there. Wasn’t it Greystone for HeMan? By The power of GreyStone….etc. Anyway, I’m envious.

    Good luck with the final push to Sterling. It’s roasting here so keep drinking (water).


  2. Stephen Edge · April 22, 2011

    google –> 100 best climbs –> ade’s blog –> clarion web site –> Easter Ride –> Day 2 –> me and my Mercian!

    Sounds a cracking Easter ride-out – you couldn’t have picked a better block of days for it. Didn’t realise how far you were travelling when we chatted at Kirkstone!



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