What were you thinking?

If it isn’t car drivers trying to kill me when I’m out riding it’s idiot pedestrians stepping out in front of me without looking.

It’s been a bit of a mad week on the bike.  After last weeks disastrous aborted Radway audax, which resulted in my bike having to have the rear derailleur replaced, the week’s commuting rides have seen the darkness of winter slowly start to lift.  Which is seemingly a signal for drivers to behave worse and pedestrians to adopt a lemming-like approach to crossing the roads in Manchester.

Anyway, I got the road bike back, and as I’m off down to Birmingham again tomorrow for the Mad March Hare, I thought I’d take it for a brief spin this morning to make sure all was ship-shape.  Or bike-shape.  So I did a fairly brisk and uneventful ride up to Ramsbottom and back.  The only thing of note was a new trick from a car driver which I’ve started to see with increased frequency recently.  Basically I was riding up a slight incline and approaching a road on the left.  As I got to within 20 yards of the road I heard the car behind me rev up and accelerate past me.  With the left indicator going.  Now by this time there is no way they are going to turn left without left-hooking me, so the woman stops in the middle of the road and starts furiously gesturing at me to go by on the inside.  Why did you not wait behind me until I had passed the road?  Are you that desperate to save 20 seconds out of your busy schedule?  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Ride stats : 17.9 miles in 1hr 3mins @ 16.8mph average.  789ft of ascent, 866kcals used, average HR 144bpm

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