490 miles in February and a Lesson to be Learned

Today I was supposed to be riding the Radway Audax – 95 miles around Cheshire.  The HQ is only 11 miles from home so I decided to ride there.  The chain picked up where it left off last week by slipping a bit, and jumping rings, but I thought it would settle down.  Unfortunately after about 8 miles it started jumping off the jockey wheels on the rear mech and therefore getting jammed.  I decided not to try and risk it and got a taxi home.  It’s my own fault.  I was discussing this with Anthony last week and I’d measured the chain with a chain tool, and I knew it was ready for replacement.  I decided to try and squeeze one more ride out of it.  More fool me.  Lesson learned.  Bike is long overdue a full service – it will be going in tomorrow.

So the paltry 8 miles I did today takes my total for February to 490 miles, and my total for 2011 to an agonising 999.5 miles!

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