A Tale of 2 Halves

995ft ascent

North Cheshire Clarion training ride this morning with Anthony and Graeme.  On the way over I noticed that the car was getting buffeted on the motorway and the trees were swaying quite viciously.  Great, the wind again!

Today’s route was pretty flat albeit with one climb out of Alderley Edge (near Swiss Hill), however the northerly wind made the first half pretty tough.  The climb itself was good fun and we went past another group of cyclists, one of whom was riding a beautiful titanium Sabbath that he told me was on its maiden ride, and came highly recommended.

The stop at the Wizard cafe was welcome after the climb and they had a log fire burning which helped dry some of our kit as we sat there steaming.  Fortified with fruit loaf and some of Anthony’s home made flapjack we were leaving as the social group arrived looking very muddy – somebody obviously didn’t have mudguards!

The second half of the ride was somewhat wind assisted which meant we were able to blast round the lanes which were relatively traffic free, and we were pretty lucky in that it didn’t really rain at all.  An interesting statistic that illustrates the effect of the wind – the first 20 miles we averaged 15.2mph, the 26 miles on the second half of the ride we averaged 17.9mph.

Ride stats : 46.2miles in 2hrs 46m @ 16.6mph average.  995ft of climbing, 2269kcals of energy used and average HR of 144bpm

One comment

  1. Adam · February 14, 2011

    Mudguards…yes…..I swear when I got home I could taste horse shit.


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