London to Brussels in 24 Hours

British Heart FoundationIn this post here I talked about post event depression after completing LEJOG last year.  Since then I’ve been thinking about something to motivate me for 2011.  Well I’ve decided to take part in a British Heart Foundation event to ride from London to Brussels in 24 hours, in July 2011.  That’s a total of 240 miles in 24 hours from start to finish.  Actual ride time will be much shorter than that as it will include the ferry crossing, so it’s going to be a great combined challenge of both endurance and a decent pace.

The challenge now is to try to structure my rides and training to cover off the necessary mileage and endurance that I need to build up but also the pace aspects of it.  It should be interesting!

Heart disease is still the biggest killer in the UK, and as it has with my family, it is likely to affect every family at some point.  The British Heart Foundation is the nation’s heart charity, providing the money for over half the research done on the subject in this country, along with patient care, educational information andcampaigning on the subject.

The keen eyed amongst you will already see I’ve updated the blog site to reflect this and if you feel like supporting a good cause then you can click the button on the top right and do so.   Thanks in advance.



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  2. Emma Rush · January 12, 2011

    London to Brussels in 24 hours? Only a crazy lunatic would sign up to that!
    Oh.. hold on.
    I’ve just signed up for Boot Camp for all of next month. I’m hoping it will help.


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