Wishing @Marko1962 a Full and Speedy Recovery

Today was the first North Cheshire Clarion club run of 2011 and it was a large turnout, splitting into 2 groups at Stretton.  Mark was leading our group and we set off down the usual route out into Cheshire.  The temperature was about -1°C and we soon noticed frost and bits of ice on the quiet country roads.  I wasn’t in a particularly talkative mood this morning but Mark and I were riding at the front and chewing the fat about a number of topics – Garmins, training etc.  We started talking about the ice and how a couple of weeks earlier when we’d both been on different rides and both of us had come off on the ice.  I was joking with Mark that he must have jumped right up and started taking pictures because he’d blogged about it later – see here.

We’d eased back a fair bit especially around the corners but riding side-by-side as we approached a left turn Mark called out “ICE” to the rest of the group and the next thing I realised was that he wasn’t there.

It’s fair to say we faffed about a bit checking if he could move his fingers and whether he could get up, at which point the second group turned up, and Phil took charge calling for an ambulance fairly quickly thereafter.  I have to be frank and say I felt bad about not realising how serious it was but full marks to Phil.

One of the things Mark said to me when the ambulance turned up was to get some pictures for his blog.  I felt a bit bad taking pictures but I’ve emailed them to him and I’m sure they’ll appear when he’s back at his computer.

It turns out he’s pretty badly beaten up – with fractures to his hip and elbow and it could be 3 months recovery time.  I expect everyone at the club is a bit shaken up about this – I know I am.  It’s got me questioning whether to ride when it’s very cold and whether I should seriously consider doing some sort of first-aid course.

Here’s hoping his recovery is a lot quicker and he’s back up and about sooner rather than later.


  1. Emma Rush · January 2, 2011

    Best wishes from me too.

    Hope he heals quickly and it’s not too painful.

    With this incident in mind, I don’t think I’ll go out until it’s a bit warmer. I don’t know what proper riders think about ride/not ride in the ice, but I’m just not confident enough to deal with it. It’s supposed to warm up next week.
    Another problem after the cold spell is the state of the road. There were some massive potholes in the road today. Sometimes they are so big they are tricky to avoid.


  2. Adam · January 4, 2011

    Sounds nasty. I’ve not been out with the club since October and was seriously peed off this morning with more ice appearing and not being able to use my bike….again. I read marks blog and hope he gets well soon.


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