2010 Cycling Roundup

Whilst 2010 has not been a particularly fulfilling year for me professionally, that has been more than made up for in my cycling.  One of my New Year resolutions for 2010 was to cycle more than 1500 miles this year.  Here’s what I’ve done this year on the bike

  • 328 rides
  • 6,157 miles at an average of just over 15mph
  • 17 days, 8 hours, 44 minutes of riding time
  • 309,108 kcalories of energy used (equivalent to over 6 stones of fat)
  • 240,270ft of ascent (or 8 Mount Everests)

Monthly distance

In doing the above I’ve

  • Helped raise over £13,000 for The Christie and Macmillan cancer charities by cycling from Land’s End to John o’ Groats
  • Been part of a world record breaking attempt run by Soreen and raising £10,000 for The Christie
  • Cycled in England, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall, in total probably 20 or so counties
  • Cycled in temperatures from -11.3°C to 26.2°C
  • Fallen off 3 times
  • Had 7 punctures, 4 of them within the last 6 weeks
  • Completed 4 audax, 5 sportives, 2 charity rides and a 10 mile time trial, becoming an unofficial Radonneur and Grimpeur in the process!
  • Done 11 imperial centuries and a further 25 metric centuries

I’ve also “achieved” the following personal bests

  • Ridden at a maximum speed of 51.13mph on the Tour of Britain ride
  • Ridden 140.4 miles in one ride
  • Climbed 8,259ft in one ride
  • Hit a heartrate of 199 going up Mow Cop, and gone over 190 (my theoretical maximum HR) 9 times
  • Used 6,763 kcalories in one ride

One of the best things I did during 2010 was join a cycling club – North Cheshire Clarion.  Around 2,400 miles have been done on club runs and with members on audaxes and sportives.  Riding in a group is physically easier, is infinitely more sociable and of course you pick up great hints, tips and information.  If you are thinking about goals for 2011, as I am, then I would strongly recommend joining a club if you aren’t already.  Not only will it help you improve, it will make achieving your target a whole lot easier.  And I obviously recommend North Cheshire Clarion!

Finally, I hope you achieved your aims in 2010.  I have to say the highlight for me was LEJOG.  If you have the opportunity to challenge yourself like this, and perhaps raise a bit of money for a worthy cause, then I say go for it.

Wishing you happy and safe cycling in 2011.


Job done


  1. Paul Elk · December 31, 2010

    Hi Ade, great job, you’ve managed to get me on my bike more too. I’ve set 2,000 KM as my target in 2011, not bad for a mountain biker…

    I was actually going to ask for an annual total when I saw yesterday’s post, thanks for getting in there first!



  2. Phil Jones · January 1, 2011

    Some awesome stats there Ade, very well done indeed mate and a smashing photo! So, how do you top that in 2011?


    • Ade · January 1, 2011

      Cheers Phil – watch this space… !


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