Last Ride of 2010

Just back from a brilliant last ride of 2010 with some of the guys from North Cheshire Clarion. 8 of us started off, with 3 peeling off after 10 or so miles.  The rest of us headed north to Fettlers Wharf at Rufford Marina for a well earned coffee

Training Nutrition

There were a few hills here and there and I was pleased that I was getting up them feeling relatively good.

1547ft of ascent

The ride back from the cafe was a fair bit quicker than the one out.  We’d averaged about 14.4mph out and 16.4mph coming back and it felt really good to be travelling at a decent rate again.  Giles led the ride from the front superbly keeping up a cracking pace.  The only hitch on the way back was when Martin’s front brake caliper flew off, so after strapping it up we made him ride on his own behind us just in case (only kidding!).

My bike was making some funny grating noises which I hope was own to the dirt and muck everywhere – cleaned it when I got home just to be on the safe side.

That’s me done for 2010 and it was a really good ride to wind up the year with.  Thanks to all who were out.

Ride stats : 48 miles in 3hrs 7 mins @ 15.4mph.  1547ft of climbing, average HR 138bpm and 2343kcals energy used

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