December’s a White-Off

No riding this weekend which coupled with the snow and ice earlier in December all adds up to a very poor month for cycling.  So far I’ve only managed 144 miles this month and if the weather stays as it is there may not be much more to go on top of that.

More disciplined people than me will doubtless spend hours on their turbo’s in the garage and I guess I should too, but it’s sooooo boring.

To top it all my regular games of football have been cancelled more often that not too, meaning  I’ve not been getting as much exercise as usual and I can feel my fitness drifting.  Of course I’ve adjusted my eating accordingly.  Oh, wait…



  1. Emma Rush · December 19, 2010

    Yeah, no worries, will be easy watching your cals over the next few weeks too. Oh… hold on.
    Have you tried spinning classes or circuit classes? Can be quite dull, but better than nowt.
    I’m doing treadmill, spin and circuit. Treadmill not so much fun.


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