Forest of Bowland – Cold!

Really cold morning today but I had decided to give my hilly LEJOG training route from the summer another go.  The route takes in the Ribble Valley and the Forest of Bowland and some serious hills

5,100ft of ascent

My favourite hills

  • Hallgate Hill – coming out of Newton in Bowland there is a short but sharp Hill on the B6478.  It looks worse than it is as it’s dead straight and carved out of the countryside.  It’s maybe only a half mile long but  the Garmin was showing 20% up it.
  • Heading towards Cow Ark is a similar hill.  You crest one hill and come round a corner and it’s there.  It looks like a ski-slope and is again dead straight and cuts through a pine wood.  Mentally you see it and start to have doubts.  The Garmin was showing 22%
  • Jeffrey Hill.  Near Thornley Hall, as you cycle parallel to a large hill you are wondering how you are going to get over it as it is right next to you and very steep.  And then you turn right onto Jeffrey Hill straight up it.  It’s about a mile long and starts with a long straight 20%+ gradient.  It’s pretty tough for the first third of a mile and then it doglegs right and eases slightly to about 12%, again running parallel to the hill.  To your right now is a superb view across the valley but then you hairpin left onto the final stretch.  The hairpin is okay if you take it on the wrong side of the road.  If a car is coming down the apex must be pushing 30%+!

Anyway, feet and fingers like ice but a nice ride nonetheless

Ride Stats : 79 miles @ 14.1mph – 5hrs 36m, 5100ft of climbing and 4113kcals used


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