Perfect Autumn Day

Sunday club run with North Cheshire Clarion.  One of those perfect autumn days today – freezing cold but bright and sunny – I think the word is crisp.  Twenty-odd turned out so we split into 2 groups to make it manageable.  The predicted decrease in numbers over the winter doesn’t seem to be materialising!

A rare northern ride up to the Chapel Tea Rooms at Rivington took in the odd hill or two!

2469ft of ascent - 10% was the highest gradient

The route took us through sprawling urban roads which called for very tight group riding.  With club runs attracting more and more newcomers this can often be a challenge but today it worked brilliantly well, with good communication up and down the line, and sensible close order riding.  We were soon out into the sticks with the clear air offering some stunning views.

Had an enormous slice of Victoria Sponge at the tea rooms, whilst an elderly gentleman played the piano in the background.  It’s a charming place and has the feel of those tea rooms you see in films from the 40’s and 50’s.

One for the ladies...

You can see other photos of the tea-room in the flickr feed to the right.

The route back took us through some of the less salubrious areas of Lancashire and near to the finish a complete tool in a blue Renault Clio veered across the white line and drove at us beeping his horn before swerving back onto the right side of the road.  It was no accident as I could see his big, round, ugly face grinning whilst his passenger was laughing.  Clearly a comedy genius in those parts and probably got mummy/penis issues too.  I’m delighted that my hard-earned taxes probably paid for his car and petrol.  My only concern really is that people like that are allowed to breed.

Still, it didn’t ruin a brilliant ride so thanks to all the riders for making it an enjoyable day.

Ride stats : 49.35miles, 3hrs 24 mins @ 14.5mph. 2469ft ascent and 2428kcals used

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