Recommended Software for Cyclists and Garmin Users #1

Like most cyclists I collect data about my rides.  In fact it’s fair to say that in whatever I do I’m a bit of a stats junkie.  I use a Garmin Edge 705 bike computer and gps navigator, with associated heart-rate strap and cadence sensor.  The software that comes with it is a bit disappointing – Training Centre – especially on Apple Mac OSX.  Some people I know (roadphil) upload their stats to one of the web-based sites that provide data storage and analysis for free (I think). I, on the other hand, like native software and for that reason I use rubiTrack.

Calendar view

The layout of rubiTrack allows you to arrange your events in a number of ways – by date, as index cards or as a list.  Clicking on one shows the map of your route in google maps (or you can choose other providers), and at the bottom a series of graphs showing various data items such as speed, elevation, heart-rate and cadence.  If you read this blog often you will recognise the screenshots I use to illustrate rides as coming from rubiTrack.  Once you’ve synchronised the Garmin with rubi then there are a number of options for analysis – the graphs above, or some reporting tools

Total ascent by week in feet

Total distance by month

rubi also keeps track of data about the athlete (ahem!) and also the equipment used – in this case bikes

Athlete view

Equipment view

This is by no means meant to be an in-depth review of the software as I’ve skimmed the surface really but I really do recommend this software.  It’s been rock solid as long as I’ve had it, and you can also download it and trial it first.  It also has a sister iPhone application which syncs with rubi on the Mac and can also make the iPhone a gps data collector

So that’s rubiTrack.  If you collect gps data for cycling and you have a Mac, give it a try.

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