Post Event Depression?

I’ve suffered an interesting reaction this week following the LEJOG.  After the initial euphoria of completing the challenge my thoughts soon turned to what would occupy me and provide a goal to aim for?

Putting it into context I’d spent 5 months building up to the event.  I’d focussed on getting fit, building up my strength, improving my climbing ability and get better all-round at “cyclecraft”.  I’d enjoyed the planning of the routes, setting up and writing this blog, reading other peoples experiences and tips and, more than anything, the anticipation of doing it.

Actually doing the LEJOG itself was wonderful.  Each 12-16 hour day was effectively the same – get up, put your cycling gear on, breakfast, prepare your bike, ride, snack, ride, lunch, ride, snack, ride, bath/shower, dinner, sleep.  It was very tiring but it never felt like work.  It felt great.  I imagine, in some small way, that is how professional sportsman feel every day.  At least until they become cynical and disinterested (England Football squad take note).  I also imagine that 99% of people would jump at the opportunity to do their chosen hobby/pastime/sport every day and make a living from it, even a very basic living.  Back on the theme of the England Football squad – these guys have absolutely no idea how very, very lucky they are.

So it was probably only natural that I would feel a bit “empty” afterwards.  I wasn’t prepared, though, for how low I actually did feel this last week.  I’ve resented being back at work and I’ve struggled to keep my mind on non-cycling things.  It took me by surprise but it’s time to move on and stop feeling sorry for myself.

For the rest of this year I’m going to ride with the club, enter Sportives and Audaxes and I may even try my hand at Time Trials.  I’ve ordered this book and am aiming to start ticking as many hills off as I can.

I am, however, in the market for next years challenge!

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