#Lejog Final Roundup

Final set of statistics now they’ve been uploaded and software corrected

Day 1 – 8hrs 31mins, 110.2 miles, 12.9mph, 8,259ft climbing, 6763kcals, average HR 132bpm, average cadence 44

Day 2 – 9hrs 14mins, 140.1 miles, 15.2mph, 4,842ft climbing, 6520kcals, average HR 123bpm, average cadence 51

Day 3 – 10hrs 9mins, 118.3 miles, 11.6mph, 4,639ft climbing, 6706kcals, average HR 116bpm, average cadence 44

Day 4 – 7hrs 23mins, 100.9 miles, 13.6mph, 2,387ft climbing, 4315kcals, average HR 112bpm, average cadence 46

Day 5 – 6hrs 58mins, 97.6 miles, 14mph, 4,703ft climbing, 4166kcals, average HR 112bpm, average cadence 44

Day 6 – 7hrs 42mins, 100.2 miles, 13mph, 3,908ft climbing, 4004kcals, average HR 104bpm, average cadence 45

Day 7 – 8hrs 39mins, 133miles, 15.4mph, 3,626ft climbing, 5330kcals, average HR 114bpm, average cadence 56

Day 8 – 7hrs 58mins, 119.3miles, 15mph, 3,906ft climbing, 4820kcals, average HR 113bpm, average cadence 52

Overall  – 66hrs 38mins, 919.7miles, 13.8mph, 36,567ft climbing, 42,624kcals, 191,014 pedal strokes!


  1. Phil Jones · June 28, 2010

    Awesome, no other word for it! Brilliant effort Ade and a great average speed for the profile and distance. So what’s next? 🙂


  2. Jon · June 28, 2010

    Well done Ade et al, been watching your progress, job well done.



  3. Paul · June 28, 2010

    Well done again Ade,

    I hope the bike is ok, and that you feel like you can treat yourself to a new bottom bracket!




  4. Tim · June 29, 2010

    Ade – well done. Fantastic acheivement. How’s the John Wayne walk!


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