#Lejog Day 4 – Middlewich to Kendal

Today was an excellent day.  We agreed to set off at 7-30am and we were rolling dead on time 15 minutes late.

Our first stop was at Vertex in Warrington’s Gemini Retail Park.  Ian and Pete (and Dave) work there, and I used to some years ago.  It was 20 or so miles and we made it in good time despite a navigating blip by me!

There was a really nice welcome for us including some home-made carrot cake that proved to be rocket fuel later on!  It was great to see some old friends and the fundraising collected around £400 (please post a comment if you have the exact amount).  How brilliant is that!  We’ve decided to split that 75% Christie and 25% Macmillan.

I also took a call with Allison, my client at Co-operative Financial Services, and her management team.  They passed on their support and it also turns out that I was nominated for, and won, an award as part of the programme I work on – for Corporate and Social Responsibility.  I’m delighted with this not least because it comes with a £100 cheque which I will donate to my sponsorship fund.  So a big thank you to the guys at CFS for that.

Our friend Debbie took some photos of us at Gemini – I think you can see them (and buy them) at this link here.

Our erstwhile Stig, Dave, bowed out at this point and handed over to New Stig – Steve.  The whole team would like to thank Dave for his support so far – it really has been a superb effort from him as well.  He gave up his own time to drive the van and follow us around, spend boring hours on his own waiting for us AND share a room with Pete.  Above and beyond Dave, above and beyond.

We left Vertex and cracked on making really good time.  The sun was hot – we’ve been really lucky with the weather – and soon we were racking up the miles – Newton-le-Willows, Wigan, Preston and Lancaster.  Pete kept pathfinding on his own but we always managed to find him again.

One thing worth saying is that without fail, everybody we have talked to in person about our challenge has been really nice and supportive.  By contrast, the majority of car drivers have been complete cocks, including a couple today, one of whom ran a red light and nearly hit us and the second who then swore at us because we were still in his way after avoiding the previous genius.  I sincerely hope the pair of them never breed.

The last section of the ride into Kendal was a very hairy 3 miles or so on the A590.  Very fast moving cars and quite unnerving.  But we hit Kendal at a sensible time – which allowed us time to relax and get something to eat without rushing and throwing food down.

At dinner we set down which counties we’d been through

  • Cornwall
  • Devon
  • Somerset
  • Gloucestershire
  • Shropshire
  • Worcestershire
  • Cheshire
  • Greater Manchester
  • Lancashire
  • Merseyside
  • Cumbria

Our resident taxidermist Pete has so far counted 82 roadkill, including 2 badgers and 3 foxes.  He’s fed up of it now so no more updates.

My hotel room seems nice apart from the fact that there appears to be a church bell nearby chiming every 15 minutes, and chiming out the time on the hour.

Early start tomorrow as we enter Scotland.  Can we start on time?  Watch this space…


  1. Cat clucas · June 23, 2010

    So proud of you guys just sorry I was unable to meet up with you while you were in the local vacinity. Keep up the good word. You’ve got less to do now than you’ve already done. x


  2. Simmo · June 23, 2010

    Fantastic work Ade and team. Had a whip round at our campsite and have 247 NOK for you and two cushions for you to sit on :0) forsett cykla.


  3. June Hulse · June 23, 2010

    Exact total raised at Gemini was £353.94 plus a selection of foreign currency ! Well done, keep peddling


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