#Lejog Day 2 – Okehampton to Gloucester (what were we thinking?)

Having agreed that we would be on the bikes at 7-30am we left Okehampton at the crack of 8.  A couple of early stiff climbs took us to the top of a hill overlooking a valley.  The sun was shining, no clouds in the sky and a pair of kites hovered above the trees, with a kestrel skirting lower.  A really breathtaking sight and the following picture in no way does it justice

We were going so well at this point we even beat Dave to the first meeting point.  Rumours that he’d gone back to bed are unverified.

Caption contest no. 1 - best caption wins a (virtual) prize!

Although we still hit some hills it was nothing like Cornwall with some great rolling countryside and really fine weather.  Then we got our first puncture – Ian had a flat on the back (why is it always the back?).  He checked the tyre and we borrowed a pump from some army guys doing a JOGLE the other way and were soon back on the road.  Within a couple of miles it had gone again.  This time we found a tiny thorn in the tyre and Ian changed it again.  Unfortunately the valve got damaged pumping it up and despite trying to limp on for a few miles it kept losing pressure, and we were forced to change it a third time.

After lunch we had a long flat section which Rob zipped along setting a cracking pace and meaning we did 10 miles in 34 minutes.  We then started going up again near to Bristol airport before stopping again.

Caption Competition No. 2

Ian’s knee was playing up but he battled on and we headed towards Bristol.  After a fantastic long and fast descent into Bristol we decided to ditch what the Garmin said and take a different route through the centre.  To cut a long story we got lost!  We did, however, get to ride under the Clifton suspension bridge which was great.

Final stop on the A38 after 120 miles left 20 miles into Gloucester.  I decided to hammer it and managed to get into Gloucester in 58 minutes, although I was absolutely shattered at that point.  The guys rolled in shortly after me.  We had a chinese meal and a cake to celebrate Rob’s birthday – see earlier post.

On a technical note the RS80 wheels are really impressive up hills, and the 12-27 cassette is a godsend.

Garmin stats

  • 139.7 miles
  • 9hrs 11mins
  • 15.2mph average
  • 6041ft climbing (uncorrected)
  • 8492 kcals used

So we’ve done a quarter of the trip – 240+ miles in 2 days.  The aches are starting to set in but with support we’ll get through it.  Don’t forget to sponsor us – tell your friends and colleagues too.  The causes we are raising money for are very worthy and it’d be great of between us we could crack £10,000.



  1. Tim Jorgensson · June 21, 2010

    Keeping going Ade – looks good so far! Tim


  2. Steve Clutton · June 21, 2010

    Epic couple of days for you but a great start. Will be providing updates in the team meeting :-). Can’t believe that you will be in Cheshire by the end of the day. Enjoy!


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