#Lejog Day 1 – Land’s End to Okehampton

So we’ve started!  The hotel at Cape Cornwall didn’t start breakfast until later than we’d like so the chef kindly agreed to get up early for us.  To cut a long story short he made us massive fry-ups which aren’t the best pre-ride breakfast but it didn’t feel right to leave them.  So we were late starting, especially after a few more pictures and banter at the sign.

The weather was absolutely brilliant as we set off and we were soon into the first of an endless supply of hills.

30 miles in and we were going great.  First stop at Frogpool with refreshments provided by our erstwhile support driver Dave.  We’d left the A30 and started riding back roads through beautiful countryside.  Sometimes the lanes were so narrow that there was barely room for us and a car coming the opposite way.

At 60 miles we’d done some seriously steep and challenging climbs and were looking forward to lunch in Fowey, which is a really nice place on an estuary.  It was a shame, therefore, that the fish and chips we ate were quite disappointing.  To get from Fowey we took the car ferry across to Bodinnick.  Unfortunately leaving the ferry Rob had a clipless moment slipping on some seaweed on the exit ramp.  We were immediately into a series of very steep and sharp ups and downs.  The climbs were relentless, the downhills fast and exciting.  One thing to say about Cornwall – the majority of the roads are in excellent condition, and it’s only the single track ones that needed any caution.  Rob had a second clipless moment near Tavistock.  Somebody stopped to ask for directions so Rob leant on the car still clipped in, and the guy just drove off unexpectedly.  Just not cricket.

We had a picture taken as we left Cornwall and entered Devon as we went up yet another hill but finally made it to the 95 mile point at Tavistock where Dave was waiting.  A long and slow grind up Dartmoor took us the final stage to Okehampton and we arrived about 8-30pm exhausted. The icing on the cake was the hotel cocking up the rooms.

Today was a day of firsts.  At 67 miles Pete rode further than he ever had in one go.  At 105 miles so did I.  Desperately trying to recover now but most of us are struggling to eat enough.

Todays Garmin stats

  • 109.7 miles
  • 8hrs 25mins
  • Nearly 10,000ft of climbing (uncorrected)
  • 7373kcals used.

Tomorrow starts early – 130 miles to cover!

One final thing.  We must have met half a dozen groups starting Lejog or finishing Jogle.  Not a single one of them is trying to do it in 8 days…


  1. Cat Clucas · June 20, 2010

    Proud of you guys. Keep up the hard work.


  2. Phil Jones · June 20, 2010

    Brilliant guys, day 1 done and in the bag.


  3. Matt Ellis · June 20, 2010

    most impressed, well done, just try to rest and refuel and good luck for the 130 miles tomorrow – more firsts all round



  4. Paul · June 20, 2010

    Well done Ade,

    I’m just back from a week lying by the pool, and you’re inspiring me to do some. Hope the weather holds, and your legs too.



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