#Lejog Training – Done!

The weather didn’t want to make its mind up this morning as I set off on my final training ride prior to the start next week.  There were 16 riders out which I guess counts as a peloton?  A 40 mile loop with relatively little climbing was the order of the day.

790ft of climbing

I was running my bike on my new Shimano RS-80’s and Scwalbe Durano Plus tyres.  It’s hard to tell whether they are having an effect as I’m told it’s most noticeable going up steep hills.  So I guess I should find out next week!  What I would say is that the tyres absorb some of the road chatter better than my Bontrager Hard Cases  – or Boneshaker Hard Cases as they shall now be known.

Cafe stop at the Lavender cafe came at about the 30 mile point.

North Cheshire Clarion in town...

Lavender Cafe

Raspberry cake!

Mark and Phil - NCC's resident bloggers...

You can read Mark’s blog here and Phil’s blog here – both well worth a read!

A relatively unremarkable ride back from the cafe (apart from one of the guys getting a puncture a mile away from the end after a particularly nasty pothole!).

And that’s it.  20 weeks of training completed.  I’ll post later or tomorrow with a summary of my training but for now the stats from today’s ride – 43 miles, 2 hrs 36m @ 16.5mph average.  Total energy – 1557kcals.

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