North Cheshire Clarion Sunday Club Run – 84 miles!

Today was my last long training ride after nearly 19 weeks of training.  The weather at home was rubbish – raining and a bit miserable.  By the time I got to the start point for the club run, however, it was merely overcast.  Six of us set off on the ride and the weather immediately brightened.  The route went South West into Wales and then turned back, and was meant to be between 70 and 75 miles.  A few slight diversions, and me and John hammering it past a turning (tip – don’t put people who don’t know the route on the front) meant we easily added 10 miles.

2192ft of climbing

The first coffee stop was a bit of a disaster – it was closed!

What do you mean CLOSED????

This was the first of the diversions to find somewhere else.  Unfortunaetly we found somewhere else closed and then a pub in a lovely location on the banks of the Dee, who made us coffee but we decided to pass on the £5 sandwiches.

Sunny day on the bank of the Dee

On the route back we called at the ice cream farm and I finally got my piece of fruitcake!  We were travelling fairly quickly, including a great sprint with Andy and Dave through Delamere which had my lungs bursting.  The rain held off until the very end when it started spitting but by then we were relatively close to the finish.  Overall a good 84 miles at a very brisk 16.3mph average.  3805kcals used.

My last long ride before day 1 of the lejog!

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