Getting faster!

Today I went out in the damp to do a quick blast round my favourite 32 mile route.

On Tuesday I blogged about my improvement on this route (here) and mentioned that my new target was to beat 2 hours.  So I thought I’d have a go at it today. After the first hour I’d done slightly over 15 miles which with most of the climbing out of the way meant I was in good shape

1726ft of climbing

Until I turned back on myself to come home and realised the reason I’d gone uphill well was I had a tailwind – and I now had it in my face on the downhill section.  It had about a 3mph effect but I pushed hard and finally managed to get home in 1hr 59m and 38s for an average of 16.2mph, which was a real struggle with the traffic being worse than a weekend.

So having had some time off work I’ve managed 5 rides in 7 days for a total of 317 miles and 12821ft of climbing.  My legs are feeling strong and I’m looking forward to this weekend being the last one for longer/harder rides.  After that I’ll taper down with some commuting and a couple of club runs.  Then the real work starts!

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