Elvis and the Reindeer

Another Scorchio day, another training ride with the North Cheshire Clarion!  Sunday rides are slightly longer than Saturday – usually of the order of 40 miles, or 70 on the first Sunday of the month.  And they include a cafe stop!  I decided to ride to and from the start point, which is a good 25 miles each way from home.  So by the end I’d clocked up 95 miles, which I was very pleased with on top of the 70 yesterday.  No real aches and pains other than a stiff neck and a sore right foot – which is because of my natural tendency to put weight/force down on the outside of my foot.

Anyway, up at 6-30am and out by 7am the roads were clear and the temperature was already warm.  I rode from my home down through Warrington to the start at Stretton.  12 of us out today set off on a loop through Frodsham, Kelsall, round Quarry Bank, past Delamere and back up via Antrobus

The route had a few more hills on it this time.  And we indulged in a new game – race to the top of the hills!  This is great training – think interval training but on a bike.  Good fun if very exhausting, especially in the extremely pleasant and hot sun.

The cafe stop took us to a truck stop on the A54.  Which is where Elvis and the Reindeer comes in.

Guess who their favourite singer is?

Cake watchers will be keen to hear I had a ginger cake AND a small piece of fruit cake

Riding back afterwards was a bit harder due to the traffic being heavier.  After yesterday’s abuse on the East Lancs road I decided to use the cycle path as I was so politely advised to!  What a joke!  The cycle path has more kerbs and potholes than any road I’ve been on, with parts of it just gravel and other parts broken up by tree roots pushing the tarmac up.  Won’t be doing that again.

Overall, a very pleasing training weekend.  165 miles completed, some good hills and warm weather training combined.


  1. Phil Jones (Roadphil) · May 23, 2010

    Some good miles their Ade, particularly taking into account the 70 on Saturday too! Good progress mate, keep it going!


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