Phew – it’s hot out there!  70 miles in absolutely fantastic summer weather.  Had to put the factor 30 on before I went out and there was next to no breeze.  In fact the only problem with this weather is that it brings out all the c*cks in their cars.  Really people – is there any need for the kind of behaviour we saw today?  Ridiculously close overtakes, abuse shouted at me by a couple of stupid cows on the East Lancs and an old duffer jumping a red light.  F*ckwits.  If you are a non-cyclist reading this please bear in mind the following two points

  • Treat overtaking bikes like you would overtaking any vehicle – only when it is safe to do so.  Hint – roaring up a narrow country lane into the oncoming traffic and then swerving back into a group of bikes narrowly missing them and the oncoming cars does not constitute safe
  • If you do overtake a bike leave at least 2 feet clearance between your car (including wing mirror) and the rider.  Yes, that’s right.  2 feet.  Not 2 inches.

Anyway, rant over.  I rode the 20 miles or so to the Swan and met up with 6 other riders from North Cheshire Clarion for what turned out to be another 30 miles round St Helens – through Ashton-in-Makerfield, Rainford and back through Burtonwood and Winwick.  Then I set off for home down the East Lancs in the very, very hot midday sun!  I’d taken two 750ml bottles with me and I refilled one at Giles house on the way back but it wasn’t enough and by the time I got home I was out.  Overall the 70 miles were done at a cracking pace of 16.7mph with 1499ft of climbing and 3361 kcals used.

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