The Long Way Home

I’ve spent this week looking at the beautiful weather thinking that when i get home from work I’ll get out on the bike and go for a ride.  Unfortunately, being in a particularly busy period and getting home late, my good intentions have been thwarted.  So today I decided to commute to work on my road bike and then take a long route home.  Okay, quite a long route home.  My commute is generally about 5 miles – I did nearly 30 miles!

Given that I was carrying my commuting rucksack, the evening traffic, urban roads and multiple traffic lights I was really, really pleased with my average speed of 16mph over 29 miles.  1117ft of climbing and another 1634kcals.  Feel really good now.


  1. Paul · May 21, 2010

    Hi ade, looks like a huge challenge. All that aside, the inner geek in me is wondering what tech you are using to plot these map n graphs!
    Good luck


    • Ade · May 21, 2010

      Cheers Paul – GPS data is collected via Garmin 705 and then loaded into Rubitrack for Mac to get the graphs and maps


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