Saturday Club Run

Very windy morning today with a strong North-Easterly giving me a nice boost to the Swan in Winwick for the North Cheshire Clarion Saturday Club run. I arrived 15 minutes early thanks to the tailwind, having averaged 17.7mph over the 20 miles with little effort.  With a brand new guest we set off and did a very gentle 10 mile loop before doing a second 10 mile loop at much faster speeds

The ride back home was pretty tough into what was now a headwind, made worse by the East Lancs road being closed and backing traffic up.

The graph above shows my heart rate over the ride and the training zones I was in.  As you can see the first 20 miles to the Swan with a tailwind wasn’t too hard – with my heart being in the green zone much of the time.  The next gentle 10 mile loop you can see my heart rate is very low, and then it increases for the next 10 miles as we did the faster second loop.  The final 20 miles is the same route as the first 20 miles, but my heart rate is mostly in zone 5,  which highlights the significant increase in effort between a tailwind and a headwind.  It certainly hits the legs too, but a nice crisp ice bath at the end sorted that!

Overall, I did 60 miles at an average of 14.6mph on a fairly flat 1305ft ascent, using 3226 kcals.

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