Route Updated and Finalised (Hopefully!)

The accommodation is booked, the clock is ticking and the routes are planned!  The main principle we’ve tried to adopt is to avoid large A roads wherever possible.  Obviously in some cases it isn’t, but we’ve aimed for smaller roads where we can.  Here’s the route overview

Day 1, Saturday 19th June – Land’s End to Okehampton – 109 miles and 5700ft of climbing

Day 2, Sunday 20th June – Okehampton to Gloucester – 131 miles and 3200ft of climbing

Day 3, Monday 21st June – Gloucester to Middlewich – 120 miles and 3200ft of climbing

Day 4, Tuesday 22nd June – Middlewich to Kendal (via Vertex Gemini) – 100 miles and 1800ft of climbing

Day 5, Wednesday 23rd June -Kendal to Hawick – 97 miles and 3600ft of climbing

Day 6, Thursday 24th June – Hawick to Perth – 98 miles and 3200ft of climbing

Day 7, Friday 25th June – Perth to Beauly (Inverness) – 132 miles and 3300ft of climbing

Day 8, Saturday 26th June – Beauly to John o’ Groats – 124 miles and 4000ft of climbing

Total – 911 miles and 28,000ft of climbing

(Mount Everest is a shade over 29,000ft high!)

Click the route tab above for more details


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