A trip to the seaside. Well, to Southport anyway

You know what it’s like.  Bank Holiday Monday and up at 6.30am to go to the seaside.  The sun shining in bright, blue, clear skies.  Except it was absolutely freezing!  I’m a slow-starter anyway, perhaps taking 45 minutes to warm up and get into a decent rhythm (oh please – stop sniggering at the back) but I was 20 miles in today before I started to feel okay.  I was looking for a decent ride but not too hilly, and with the weather forecast predicting strong northerly winds I opted to go to Southport rather than south to Cheshire.

I did make a mistake in the route because it ended up including a couple of nasty climbs of the 7% and 1.5 miles kind.

How did I miss those hills?

Those familiar with Southport will know that going there is no guarantee of seeing the sea as the tide seems to retreat miles from shore.  The skies were clear and visibility was excellent, so even Blackpool Tower was visible some 10 miles to the North.  The wind was pretty strong, and what had been a slight headwind as I headed north-west to the start of Marine Drive became a welcome tailwind as I turned South.  As I rode down the Esplanade I realised that the old wooden roller coaster had been demolished.  I stopped for a bite to eat at the end of Lord Street – which looks a bit downmarket these days.  Another sign of the times maybe?  Keen followers of the cakes I eat on my rides will be disappointed that I had to make do with an energy bar and a gel.

I retraced virtually the same route back resulting in a ride of nearly 77 miles at an average speed of 14.8mph.  My flat course contained 2567ft of climbing (oops) which took 4130kcals.

One comment

  1. Mark R · May 3, 2010

    Bloody ell Ade you don’t half get around 😉


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