Useful web sites for cycling (and walking/running) and #LEJOG

I thought I’d do a very quick post covering some sites that I’ve been using for training, planning and general information.  There’s a lot of information out there – perhaps too much – but in there are some really helpful sites.  Some of them would be useful if you are a walker or a runner too, especially these first two.

Route Planning

There are others out there but here are the two I use regularly

bikeroutetoaster – this is a good, solid route planning tool.  It uses Google maps and allows you to plot the route you want, giving you distance and elevation summaries.  You can save routes and export them to Garmin devices.

gpsies – similar to bikeroutetoaster but probably more functionally rich.  Shows suggestions for routes in particular areas based on other peoples public entries.

Lejog Information

Al Pewseys Lejog Information – a great central resource based on his experiences but also collecting together other information available.  Contains a list of people/teams doing LEJOG or JOGLE

Coaching Information

Brian Mac coaching site – massive resource containing all sorts of information about all sorts of sports

Cyclesport coaching – blog with great cycling training tips

I’ll add more when I get time

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