Saturday Club Run – 67 miles and an ice bath

I’ve been reading up on recovery techniques as I believe that the most difficult part of the LEJOG will be the cumulative effects of long distance every day.  There’s some good information at the BBC and various other websites, along with as many refuting the benefits.  So I thought, what the hell I’ll give it a go.  So after yesterday evenings ride I filled the bath with cold water and plunged in.  Within 30 seconds it was unbearable for my feet so I put a pair of socks on.  Yes, in the bath.  That made it bearable and I sat there for 5 minutes or so.  The reason I mention this is that on todays North Cheshire Clarion Saturday club run my legs felt really good.  Now that could have been down to the spectacularly good weather today – it really was ideal – or it could be down to my mind playing tricks on me.  But I may just give this ice bath lark a bit of a longer trial.

Back to the ride.  I rode the 20 miles or so to the Swan (meeting point) and was soon joined by Sarah, Giles and Gaz and a couple of guest riders.

Giles, Gaz, Sarah at the top of Houghwood Hill

Gaz and Sarah at the top of Houghwood Hill

Giles set us off at a cracking pace taking us round Golborne, Billinge, Haydock and Burtonwood.  He even managed to slip in a cheeky hill.  Not quite in the same league as Mow Cop but not easy by any stretch of the imagination.  I believe it’s called Houghwood Hill and according to the Garmin was 15.5% at it’s steepest.  However, whether that can be trusted is another question – read on below.  A quick blast back home to the ice bath down the East Lancs saw me clock up 67 miles at an average of 16.1mph.  I’m not sure how much climbing I did but it was in the order of 2000ft.  Total calories used – 3242kcals.

I posted in yesterday’s training ride blog that my Garmin had gone a bit mad on elevation.  Well it did it again today.  I have no idea what or why it is doing it but it’s a pain that it has suddenly started doing it after months of working correctly.

Contrary to the Garmin, I did NOT fall off a cliff at 62.5 miles and plunge 400ft under the sea...

As you can see it believes I started at about 900-odd ft and then at 62.5miles decided it was completely wrong and dropped the altitude quite considerably.  Even now, stood in my garden my Forerunner 305 is reading 355ft elevation (correct) and my Edge 705 is reading -161ft.  A hard reset has not changed this so if it carries on I’ll be calling Garmin – although as with most “help” desks I don’t hold out much hope for a solution…

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