A Word on Weight

One of the targets I set myself to get in shape for my Lejog challenge was to lose about a stone in weight from the 189lbs (86kg) I weighed before I started training.  At that time I was also approaching 24% bodyfat.  If I have the maths right that meant I’d be lugging 45lbs of unwanted luggage up all the hills I’ll face (to put that into context, my bike only weighs 16lbs!)   According to the NHS that made my BMI 27.6 which put me squarely in the “overweight” classification.

I’m happy to report that today I weigh in at 178lbs (81kg) with a bodyfat percentage of 20.4%.  That means I’m now only lugging 36lbs of fat.  My BMI is now 26 and towards the low end of “overweight”.

The challenge now is to maybe take another 7 – 10lbs off if possible, or if not I’d be happy to get my bodyfat percentage down to around 18%.  Watch this space…

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