Coffee Cake and Clicking Pedal

A beautiful morning for a bike ride today, albeit a little bit windy.  I met up with 4 other members of North Cheshire Clarion in Stretton and set off for a leisurely loop south down through Delamere Forest.  The wind was quite strong but the sun came out making it a really nice day for cycling through some scenic back lanes in Cheshire.  One slight hiccup (puncture for one of the group) was soon overcome and we continued on our way.  There were plenty of people out on horses and bikes taking advantage of the weather and the holiday.  Near Willington we were due to stop at a cafe but the first one we visited was closed.  The second, up a steep hill and tucked away, was open.  It turns out that it is right on the Sandstone Trail and is very popular.  I think it was called Somerton Farm.  The choice of home-made cakes (I chose coffee cake) and fresh brewed coffee made it a very pleasant stop indeed.

Back to matters in hand, we got to freewheel at great speed down the hill we had just climbed and turned northwards to complete the loop we had started some hours earlier.  A very pleasant and enjoyable morning’s cycling.

Overall we spent 2hrs 54mins riding a total of 42 miles at an average speed of 14.4mph – which wasn’t bad considering that by necessity we picked our way through some pretty bumpy, gravelly back lanes at slow speed.  A good 1573ft of climbing and 2090kcals used.  My third ride of the weekend on subsequent days and my legs feel pretty good – nothing like the distances to be covered on the lejog but good to know anyway.

I mentioned in an earlier post that there was a clicking noise on each pedal stroke which resulted in the LBS stripping and cleaning the bottom bracket.  To no avail as it was back with a vengeance.  So it was driving me mad today, and indeed, several people riding with me!  Several people had mentioned that it could be the pedal so when I got home I swapped the pedals I had on (Shimano SPD-SL road) for MTB SPD pedals just to test it.  Sure enough the noise disappeared.  So I have a choice of buying new road pedals (likely!), putting up with the noise (unlikely!) or getting hold of a Shimano remover tool so that I can take the axles out of the pedals and grease/check the inner bearings and workings (less likely still!).  Time to check out Wiggle I think…

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