Good Friday Loosener

Decided to go out this morning and do a pretty short 20-odd miler just to stretch my legs, which have been aching all week since Sunday.  With hindsight, playing football for over an hour on the day after the Cheshire Cat wasn’t the best idea.  Took a new route up to Edenfield and then back on myself towards on Rochdale before cutting down through Heywood and home.  At first I thought I was Lance Armstrong in disguise as I raced the first 10 miles at an average of 16.5mph – including 300 feet of climbing.  When I turned back I realised there had been a strong tailwind that had propelled me along and I was now turning into it and heading up a further climb towards Owd Betts.  Had I looked at the wind farm on the hill turning at full speed I guess I would have realised!  It was a slog up the hill and even down the other side wasn’t anywhere near as much fun as usual.  Still got a clicking noise that I cannot isolate – and neither could the LBS Cooksons, although they did strip the bottom bracket and clean and lube it.  The trouble is the noise only seems to appear in high gear going up hill i.e. under heavy load.  Anyway, 23 miles completed in 1hr 33mins at 14.8mph.  Even in that short distance managed to get 1072 feet of climbing in and use 1399kcals.  1072 feet may not seem much of a climb but it’s the height of the Eiffel tower!

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