Cheshire Cat pictures

Some photos of me here.  The first is battling up the steep bit of Mow Cop – you can see the Cheshire View pub behind me.

The second picture almost makes me look sporty

I did some further analysis of my results.  I guess I was slightly disappointed having done the Manchester 100 in under 6 and a half hours.  Apparently, according to the results I came 897th out of around 1300 entrants in the 100 mile category.

At the start of the ride up to Mow Cop I was averaging 15.9mph at a relatively easy average heartrate of 128bpm.

The next section of the ride which included all the hills (and the downhills remember) my average speed dropped to 11.5mph and my average heartrate jumped to 159bpm.

Similarly, the 40 mile stretch into the headwind saw an average speed of 15.2mph but working hard to maintain that at 154bpm with an 82rpm cadence.  At this stage I struggled to get into any groups or pelotons and spent much of the time with people slipstreaming me.

Finally, the tailwind home dropped my heartrate to 150bpm and my average speed up to 17.2mph, but a relatively easy 67rpm cadence.  Just shows the difference the wind direction can make.

I’m definitely making small steps in fitness and capability but I really need to make more – just more riding I guess.


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  3. Ian · March 31, 2010

    Great snaps Ade, that hill looks like a right bad ‘un!!


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