Puncture x2

Up and out very early this morning.  Decided not to put my contacts in to give my eyes a break.  My legs felt very heavy after yesterday but I was determined to do a decent distance.  Fate, however, had a different plan.  I’d just passed through Farnworth heading west when the front wheel went flat.  Got it changed but struggled to get enough pressure in with my Lezyne pump.  And then that one went flat!  I thought I’d checked the tyre but clearly I hadn’t.  Maybe no contacts didn’t help but for the second time I had the wheel off and put my final spare tube in.  Decided to head home – filthy hands and any thoughts of longer distance long gone.  Good job I did because the tyre was flat by the time I got home – so a full forensic examination of the tyre revealed several smaller shards of glass barely poking through the rubber.  So a bit of a wash-out – only 14 miles done!

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