North Cheshire Clarion Saturday Rain Run!

Standing in the pouring rain last night waiting for the dog to pick a spot to do his late-night business I figured that today would be pretty wet. And so it was. I guess that so far I’ve been pretty lucky on my training rides. A few spots of drizzle have been the worst – if you exclude crippling cold, ice on country lanes and snow by the the side of the road of course!

So it was throwing it down outside as I made my porridge. Incidentally, I think that porridge has now become my favourite pre-ride breakfast. Aside from the fact that it’s cheap (50-odd pence for 500g) its nutrition stats break down as follows for a 50g serving

  • Energy 180kcal
  • Protein 5.5g
  • Carbs (sugars) 30g (0.6g)
  • Fat (saturates) 4g (0.8g)
  • Fibre 4.5g

Pretty nutritious and not instant-hit sugary energy like some cereals.

Anyway, I’ve finally joined a cycling club.  The North Cheshire Clarion seemed like a friendly bunch when I met them after football last Monday so I bit the bullet and joined.  They do a ride on a Saturday morning from the Swan in Winwick which is only 20-30 miles.  As I need distance in my training I decided to ride to Winwick, join the ride, and then ride home.  The ride there was pretty uneventful – I avoided the East Lancs and went through Boothstown, Leigh and Lowton.  By the time I got there I was soaked.  I had wet hands under my “waterproof” gloves and wet feet inside my “waterproof” socks covered by shoes and “waterproof” overshoes!  In the fact the only bit of waterproof kit I was wearing that actually lived up to the name was my Endura hi-viz jacket.  Four club members soon turned up in the club colours.  The jerseys look really good – I’m looking forward to getting hold of one in the near future.  The ride, although really wet, was very pleasant at a nice, steady pace in what was basically a big figure-of-eight loop around Culcheth at one end and Burtonwood at the other.  It made a real difference riding in a group.  I think it’s mostly psychological but it’s definitely easier.  The loop was about 24 miles which was an enjoyable run, even with the wet conditions.  Riding home I decided to take the East Lancs which although unnerving is actually very quick – I zinged along there at an average of 21mph.  Then ducked off through Farnworth and up the big hill on Ringley Lane/Road.  Thoroughly enjoyable – total of 64 miles at an average speed of 16.3mph and 1269ft of climbing.  Total kcalories used was 3243

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