Mow Cop on Google Streetview

As you can see Google maps Streetview now covers Mow Cop.  A scary reminder of what I’ll face again in a week and a half during the Cheshire Cat sportive.  I hoping I’ll cope a little better this time as I have several more weeks fitness under my belt, about half a stone less weight and several hundred more miles of training.  However, I’m still under no illusions!  And to make matters worse, there will be around 2,700 riders out so there are bound to be bottlenecks.  Just hope they’re not caused by me!


  1. Alan · February 7, 2012

    Looking forward to doing this for the first time on the Cheshire Cat 2012. Are they hyping it up a bit do you think, or is it a really horribly long and steep hill? I live in North Wales so I’m probably surrounded by hills just as severe as this! We will see!


    • Ade · February 7, 2012

      It depends what you are used to. There is a mile of difficult climbing before the real steep stuff – but if you are used to hills you’ll be fine. On the Cheshire Cat it’s made harder by too many cyclists struggling up it in too small a space so be careful of that


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