#lejog Nutrition stats

I’ve been reading up on nutrition for cyclists and there is some very interesting information out there.  It’s relatively well known that an average person will burn off around 2400 kcalories of energy just by “being”.  On top of this a touring cyclist covering between 50 and 60 miles per day will need an extra 2500 kcalories of energy.  Given that we will be doing between 100 and 120 miles per day then that would suggest we’ll be needing something like 7500 kcalories a day, which seems a hell of a lot.  Apparently an average person will store 1500-2000 kcalories in carbohydrates (glycogen) but a whopping 135,000 kcalories in fat stores.  A typical energy bar will maybe provide 200 kcalories!  So the secret is carbohydrate loading – consuming a diet of 70% carbs in the lead up to the ride.  Once underway a high carb breakfast and snacking each hour is important to ensure glycogen levels are maintained, plus heavy carb meals with a protein element for muscle rebuilding and recovery.  I suspect I’m going to become sick of pasta and rice…

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