Cheshire training ride

This is my first blog post in my attempts to get ready for June. I reckon I need to lose about a stone in weight, and I want to take this seriously. So I’ve been out the last two weekends and done 32 miles (Lancashire) and 58 miles (Cheshire). This morning I decided to go down to Cheshire again but a new route. So I planned the route out on bikeroutetoaster and saved the file as a .gpx file for use on my Garmin Edge 705.

I have to say the Garmin is excellent – the route itself was quite intricate as it dived off the main routes in Cheshire and round some lovely countryside through Peover. I’d never have remembered the route myself so it was really useful. However, it was very, very cold. It was around freezing when I left home and Cheshire was a good few degrees colder. Aside from my usual problem of lumps of ice for feet, the smaller roads were also like sheets of glass. A bit scary when I kept losing the front wheel so I cycled down those quite carefully.

Overall I was cycling for 3 hours and 48 minutes, 60 miles, and managed to average 15.7mph. The whole ride used 3399 kCal. I’m pleased with that. I’ve still got a cold and I was coughing and spluttering up the hills, which were relatively benign.

Was a bit knackered afterwards but needed to clean and lube the bike so spent an hour doing that.

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